Readsoft Online Uppdatering

Imorgon, den 11 augusti kommer Kofax att updatera Readsoft Online. Läs mer om uppdateringen här.

New Features Coming Soon

As a part of our commitment to delivering quality services that add value to your document-processing solution, the ReadSoft Online team has been working hard on new features and improvements. ReadSoft Online will be automatically updated according to the schedule below. After the update, ReadSoft Online will include these features and improvements:

New features:

  • Integrations that support delta synchronization can now import master data up to 32 times per day. Previously, all master data could only be imported up to 4 times per day. Now there is a separate setting in the Master data view on the partner level, which distinguishes between "normal" master data import and master data import using delta synchronization.
  • When exporting user information, you can now see the last login date of each user and whether users have two-factor authentication enabled. Exporting users is helpful for administrators who need to get an overview of users and their settings.
  • Document subtypes have been improved. If you change the subtype during verification, any fields that use default values (specified in the Use default value setting), are also updated according to the default value of the current subtype.
  • To help keep track of production efficiency, Analytics reports now displays document volume reports by user according to document status. In Analytics, you can navigate to Volume > By user to view the new report.

Update Schedule

Updates are performed automatically and require no action on your part. The update usually takes about one hour to complete. You can continue processing documents during this time, though you may occasionally experience reduced performance. Systems will be updated automatically according to this schedule:


Tuesday, August 11 at 17:30 CEST (UTC +2)